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  1. I currently have an account with Scottrade (Their ELITE platform) and can get daily data going back 16 months I do believe it is. Is there a source (through a broker or internet site) where I can export or download daily data going back perhaps 5 years? I am not seeking charts, I am seeking data that can be exported into a spreadsheet.

    I am completely open to depositing cash to open an account with a broker that may offer this. So don't hesitate with sharing your knowledge.
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    You might have a look at Telechart. It isn't free, but you can get a free trial that (I believe) includes their database going back 10+ years. With their database, you can export data.
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    try yahoo.
    it's free.
  4. I haven't quite figured out how to export Open, High, Low, Close daily figures going back.

    I will look at that again.

    Thank you for the telechart suggestion.
  5. Thanks to both of you. For some reason I was trying to use the chart itself to retrieve the data. I completely oversaw the "historical price" right up in the top left corner. Not much of a computer nerd, obviously cant see either.

    I would still like some additional suggestions if anyone, specifically a broker, has 5 year daily charts.
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