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  1. Windows data recovery software easily recovers lost, erased, deleted files and folders from the windows hard disk drive. Data recovery software are primarily designed to recover and restore all lost, erased, deleted files and folders from the computer hard disk drive and USB flash removable storage media drives.

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    Data recovery occupies major position in this fastest growing Information Technology world. Have you just lost important data files and you don’t have a backup of the data. Not a problem at all and no need to panic because there are quite a few methods of files retrieval. But it all depends on what kind of data you have lost. If you have accidentally deleted some files like word documents and images then there are different types of files retrieval software available in the market.

    Portable Computers, Laptops, iPods, Zune is now used commonly in all areas where data is being stored or used by the users. Data lost from important files results in organization lose of money, business, credibility and reputation in the market. Worst kind of scenarios is that when highly confidential and critical data get deleted accidentally or automatically as a result of hardware or software malfunction.

    If data loss cases have increased so much, so has importance and awareness of data recovery techniques and products is for the users. If you happen to have lost data from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access or any other USB removable media, then you're not far from recovering it all either. Data Doctor’s Data Recovery Software is such a disk recovery program which is non-destructive and easy to use as it not only does no harm to data but recovers corrupted, damaged and deleted data of all applications as the same. We suggest you download the freeware trial demo of our files recovery programs and salvages all important lost files and folders in easiest way.