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Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by AllenW, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. AllenW



    I'm no longer a subscriber to Ensign but would like to use the data that it had collected while I was a subscriber.
    Is this possible? How do I get it into the proper format---I'm would like to use it Tradestation(ascII).

  2. If u still had ensign running would be simple to export all data to text files. Open up some of the data files and see what format it's in. There's a shareware program called CSVed which is useful for manipulating and editing ascii data files.
  3. >AllenW

    I am now using Ensign, and just out of curiosity why did
    you change to Tradestation? What did you find that the
    Tradestation charts offer that Ensign doesn't?

    If you have a moment I would really like to hear your

    Thank you,
  4. AllenW


    I have no problem with Ensign---have been a subscriber off and on for a couple of years---- and think they are one of the best. I'm not currently trading and really didn't need the software. But today I had a thought and wanted to do some backtesting ( I use an old version of TS for testing)----thought I had access to data but.....
    It's on my hard-drive but how to use it? But to answer your question-----No, I haven't chosen TS over Ensign and see no reason to.
  5. >AllenW

    I agree with you that Ensign is one of the best around.

    Thank you for your opinion and I wish you much success in
    your trading.