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  1. I currently use IB as my RT data provider and Amibroker as my charting/trading software. I trade US stocks. I have a system that trades off the open price so I would like for it to be the "official" price so my trades will match my backtested results. The problem is that IB doesn't give the offical open price in their RT data therefore my trades aren't matching up to my resulsts. I am looking for data providers that I can use with Amibroker that give me the offical open price. Here is a list of providers that they list

    After looking at some of the providers DTN IQ seems like a decent choice but it would cost about $53/month which is steep since I pay nothing now with IB.

    Does your data provider provide the offical open price on stocks? If so which one is it? Yahoo has the offical open price listed on their website each day but of course it is delayed.

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    I'm not sure I quite understand... why are people paying for live streaming data, when some brokerage houses offer it as part of account holder services?

    For example, I trade with OptionsXpress... and they offer a live streaming feed which integrates seamlessly with QuoteTracker.

    Why would I pay an outside firm for a feed as well? Don't get me wrong... I'm asking because I don't know (and there may indeed be reasons I'm not aware of), not because I think it's ludicrous.
  3. No problem. The reason I am looking for an outside data provider is that IB doesn't give me exactly what i need. I need the offical open of the stocks that I trade. For example, IB gave me the open for JOYG on 5/18/06 @ 56.03 when the offical open is 56.06. Since I have backtested my system based upon using the offical open I would like to find a data provider that uses what i need.

    Another reason someone might want to get another data provider is to have a backup in case something goes wrong with the primary one. But that isn't my case right now.
  4. Ok I went to esignal & DTN IQ's free trial and they all had the same opening price as IB's. After talking it over to a customer rep it appers that they are getting their data from all exchanges as opposed to only the Nasdaq, obviously.

    So does anyone know of an easy way to get the RT opening prices from Nasdaq only (I asked all 3 and they all said that they can't). I have to believe it is possible but they don't want to change their software. Does anyone know of a way to get nasdaq only quotes RT.

    Not that anyone actually cares from the huge response from the original message. :)