Data providers?

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  1. Hi

    What other dataproviders are there in US?

    The only one I know about is E-signal and it looks good to me. But are there any "equal" ones I can compare with?
  2. Do a search of the ET boards and/or a quick google and you'll quickly find the top 5-6 datafeeds. Which are good for you depends on your particular needs.
  3. There are equal ones, lesser ones a better ones.

    I guess it comes down what your willing to spend.

    One thing about Data get what you pay for.

    Thus, if you can afford it...use something that's more orientated towards professionals or institutions.

    Even better...

    Get primary and one backup with the backup being very inexpensive compared to the cost of your primary data.

  4. Thank you for your answers.

    I'm looking for a pretty cheap one since I'm thinking of trying to daytrade some. (Have some intraday strategies I concider testing, my only experiences this far is 5-7 years of swing trading)

    Some indexes, futures is all I need, with or without charting possibilities. If no charting posibilities with the data I guess it's possible to link it into some program.
  5. Okay, not so many answers ... pretty "wide" question I guess :)

    Let me ask it this way, can you who trade intraday, pls. let me know which data provider you use for this purpose?

    (Then I can go myself and look them up)
  6. Albert


    "Depends", is the right answer.
    Besides, a data provider is down on the list of important tools. First is a good psyche. Second is a good system(an edge) Third is a reliable trading platform. Finally, a good data provider for your charts. Since you're getting the data directly from your platform, the charting software is just confirmation.
    You can even use delayed data if you are trading in a long enough time frame, say 10-30 minute bars.
    Hell, in the old days the guys traded a ticker tape that I guarantee you was very delayed. And the good ones still made money. Depended on the first two items for their livelihood.