Data provider near exchanges

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  1. Hi.. which data provider has servers close to exchanges? (Retail data provider)

    Researching about colocation but colocation defeats the purpose if your data provider is located thousands of miles away

    Intraday trading, low latency needed, not high frequency
  2. If you are a retail trader using a retail broker, you need to think about colocation proximity with respect to your broker's order servers (rather than proximity to an exchange).

    If you are a retail trader using a retail broker and a retail data provider, then you need to figure out whether it's better to be near your broker's order servers or near your data provider's data servers ... or somewhere in between. Again, proximity to the exchange isn't relevant, I believe.

    Now, another question to ask is how close to the exchange are your broker's order servers ... ?
  3. good question. i don't have a broker. just doing research. would most likely be a prop firm from NYC, i'm assuming their order servers will be located in NYC
  4. There are so many other factors here which can have a bigger impact that location....

    For comparison, exchanges to Manhattan is 2ms
    exchanges to Boston is 8ms
    exchange to Chicago is 20-30ms
    exchanges to west coast is 80-90ms

    Time your application takes to process data alone could be 30-40ms. Then how about the data provider's feed handler? That could be another 2-3ms. Sending over TCP, maybe another 1-2ms added.

    Unless you are colocated and getting the multicast, the location doesn't matter so much so long as you are East of chicago....