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  1. onepac


    I am trying to find historical data on Japanese stocks.

    I posted this on resources forum but received no response.

    Im willing to pay for good data, but i havent been able to find any.

    Any help appreciated.

  2. Hi, onepac. Delurking to field this, since I was recently looking for the same thing.

    MSN Money has free historical end-of-day quotes for Tokyo stocks; for example, here's the last year's daily data for Sony (Tokyo:6758):

    I believe the MSN data goes back to 1994 or so. It's HLCV (no open), and I believe that the very earliest MSN data is close only, no volume or high/low.

    There also aren't any delisted stocks, so if you build up a historical database from that data with an eye to backtest some trading strategies, be aware that survivor bias will be a major problem if you go back more than a few years.

    You can compile a list of current Tokyo issues from the TSE website; you can also keep track of new listings on their site:
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