Data Minds Virtual Panel: Capitalizing on Global Event-Driven Data

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    Matt Amberson, Principal at ORATS, joins Data Minds tomorrow,Tuesday, May 3 at 11 am ET for a virtual panel for approximately 45 minutes.


    - Eric Lebovich, CFA of Point72 (Moderator)
    - Rachel Carpenter of Intrinio
    - Chris Petrescu of CP Capital Enterprises
    - Matt Amberson of Option Research & Technology Services (ORATS)
    - Evan Reich formerly of Quandl

    Data experts will dive into how to identify, evaluate and integrate corporate event datasets into your trading and risk strategies including:

    • Finding catalysts related to event-driven calendar data
    • Risk arbitrage in a quickly-shifting global marketplace
    • Managing the confluence of datasets
    • Reporting frequency trends of corporate earnings around the world
    • Comparing implied earnings shift to the historical earnings moves

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