Data Imported into Globalserver is completely wrong

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by mokwit, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. mokwit


    How come golobalserver is loading from an ASCII file with this data
    Date O H L C V

    and importing it as
    Date O H L C V
    ie it is rounding it off to a whole number or with another stock it it is loaded e.g. as 11.6 or something when the value in export file is 12.7 i.e it is not a multiple or a digit short, seems almost random.

    It happens with all files (ASCII and Metastock from different sources) and is not caused by wrong times and the Date O H L C V is correct as is the MMDDYYYY. The only thing I can think of is that I have set the "price scale' or 'minimum movement' incorrectly. I have set them as either 1/10 or 'as is'
    to reflect the fact that the decimals change with different values of the stock e.g at 1 it is a 0.01 integer, but at 5 it is a 0.05 and I thought i could handle this by using 0.01.....any insights on what the problem is, if it is this or something else, much appreciated.
  2. Can you post the ascii file? I will try then myself to see what happens. I never had any problems at all with importing various formats.
  3. mokwit


    Spike, thanks for your offer of help, it does seem to be the price scale but I don't know how to accommodate all price scales in Thai market e.g spreads are

    Less than 2 0.01
    2 up to less than 5 0.02
    5 up to less than 10 0.05
    10 up to less than 25 0.10
    25 up to less than 50 0.25
    50 up to less than 100 0.50
    100 up to less than 200 1.00
    200 up to less than 400 2.00
    400 up to less than 800 4.00
    800 up 6.00

    0.01 translates to 1/100 price scale in globalserver and 0.1 translates to 1/10 but there is no 1/50 selectable that would accommodate a 0.02 spread.......

    Also there is still the problem of a stock going from THB1 to THB 10 (which they do:D ) and the scales then having to be manually altered presumably.

    Any workarounds out there?