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    I am interested in doing some Risk Profiling like V. Sperandeo outlined in his book Methods of a Wall Street Master. However, my idea was to do the analysis on the treasury market rather than the stock averages.

    In gathering my data the Federal Reserve Board of Governors home page lists Treasury prices back to 1962 which is a pretty good sample. However, whenever or however I try to import this data into Excel I can not get the values to import as comma or space seperated values.

    What I'm currently doing is copying and pasting the data into a text file. Then I go to open that file in Excel which automatically opens the import 'wizard'. Although I've downloaded lots of comma and space seperated data in the past I have no such luck with this series. It just pastes the data into continous rows rather than keep the web page format of two columns. One column for the date, the other column for the rate that day.

    If I can't figure out an automated way to do it I estimate I'll have to mouse click and hit the return key for every business day back to 1962 to create a file where every day is in a column and the corresponding interest rate is in a column beside that. While this could be done I estimate it would be roughly 240 business days per year * 40 years or over 10, 560 clicks. This may give me a good finger cramp!

    Any suggestions?
  2. try to do save as on the page itself (instead of copying)?
  3. Can you try the data..text to columns menu command?

    I'm not completely sure if I am picturing what you mean. Paste in a few rows and I'll tell you how to do it if the above command is wrong.
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    post the link to data, I will play with it and let you know.
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    Oh do I feel a little stupid. Text to columns ...forgot all about that little command... so used to importing. I've got it working now.

    Thanks gentlemen for your responses.

    If anyone was interested in the solution as I noticed there were a lot of views earlier this afternoon here it is:
    Copy the data:
    Here was the link for where I was at:

    Paste the data directly into excel, don't bother with a text file.

    Go to the data menu & choose Text to columns. Adjust the columns to break in between the date and the interest rate or whatever is in the data series.

    Voila, Excel just put the data into two columns.
  6. nevermind