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  1. When you have a TOS platform running on your computer
    it is very easy to use TOS data in an EXCEL spreadsheet

    simply enter in a cell "=TOS|ASK!'.RUT110527C820'
    to get the ask price of the RUT 820 may Call or any
    other put or call.
    You can even get the delta by entering
    "=TOS|DELTA!'.RUT110527C820' as the cell value.

    I like to have that with Interactive Brokers also because
    I trade options on the Amsterdam Index the AEX.
    That cannot be done at TOS unfortunately.

    Is there a way to get the data from IB ?
    The TwsDde.xls spreadsheet from IB is clumsy.
    The IB-excel adaptor from company DataOutreach has been
    withdrawn (?).

    Is there a way to get data from IB in a spreadsheet cell ?
  2. I think TWSDDE was an older way.

    Have you tried the newer ActiveX support?
  3. Bob111


    what do you mean clumsy? imo-it's simple and pretty easy to use.
    agree on activex and VBA combo

    There is TWSAPI group on yahoo. it's pretty can ask specific questions ovethere,if you run into a problems with either DDE or activex