Data feed?

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  1. Hi, Im trying to develop a gray box program for arbitraging. I was wondering what data feed works best?
    Im looking for level 1-2, & TAS, with the least delay possible.

    I need info from the NYSE, NASDAQ, CME, AMEX, LSE, EURONEXT, and TPX...

    Thnx for any feedback.
  2. What's the difference between a "gray" and a "black" box?
  3. gray box, a computer puts you in the position a trader takes you out.
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    The second type, known as "system," or "black box" software, overcame this problem by incorporating "logic" into the software to generate exact trading signals at specific prices. A serious disadvantage here was that signals in black box software are based on undisclosed entry and exit rules intentionally kept secret from traders. And so, they had no control over their trading plans and were expected to follow the signals on blind faith. This secrecy and lack of understanding caused traders to second-guess the signals, which completely undermined the discipline needed for a sound trading strategy.

    The weaknesses of today's trading software are more difficult to assess. Many existing packages, often referred to as "gray box" software, disclose only some of their entry/exit rules, while keeping others proprietary. Like the earlier "black box" approach, traders are prevented from completely understanding the trading signals. This lack of knowledge can lower confidence to act on the signals and consequently lessens discipline.