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  1. I am in the process of developing a piece of trading software to automate my trading strategy. I have a front end already to execute trades but am looking for a good third party data feed. I need something that will allow me to pull in historical data as well as live tick data.

    Other than IQfeed does anyone else know of anything out there that fits the above description?

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    I would try for C# and C++ Rithmic. If you are trying FIX try CTS API
  3. What are your requirements for the data feed? Do you need live data tick by tick? Or once per second? Are you trading stocks, options, futures?
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    If you require quality and absolutely every trade: NxCore
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    The C# CTS API isn't good compare to Rithmic ?

  6. I am trading just equities and need to have tick data. It looks like NxCore will be the best fit for what I am looking for.
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    I would not say that. We just have more experience with C#/C++ with Rithmic. We have received very good feedback on that. CTS FIX API, on the other hand, has worked well for some of our customers.
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    How much is nxcore?
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    Why not IQFeed?
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    Never seen a actual price for NXCore myself but it’d have to be pricey. It offers unlimited amount of real-time data for all stock markets and option markets, tick and level 2 I do believe. It’s a lot of data.

    They use IQFeeds networks and data centres but manage the feed themselves.

    IQFeed I think maxes out at 1000 symbols(base is 500 but for a few bucks you can double it).
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