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  1. I have been looking around for a solid data provider for US equities who provides Java API, I am not looking for a broker, just data feed.

    Do you know any ?

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    Interactive Brokers.
  3. InteractiveBrokers is not a data vendor, they are a broker, plus I heard many negative things about their API requiring to have the full application opened.
  4. What I understand from IQFeed website is that the API is windows based, can you please tell me more details about how you use it ?
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    They offer data for $10 a month. No data vendor can compare.

    Most data feeds require their client to be running while accessing the data. i.e. eSignal and their small WIN client.

    I had a programmer set me up with a custom app that uses IB and it works great. Their API was not as robust a few years back but since 2005 its been solid.

    You may want to try RealTick's API. They are also a broker or you can use them just for data.

    I haven't used them since 2004/2005, but they support JAVA, C/C++, VB, etc.

    One nice feature of TAL is their very fast scanner that is included in their API.
  6. tomhaden,
    Regarding InteractiveBrokers, do you use the data feed for high frequency trading ?
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    newbie2006: IQFeed has:

    "Two types of interfaces are used in the IQFeed API: a socket based interface for streaming data, and COM or TCP/IP based interfaces for lookups and historical data/news retrieval."

    It is Windows based -- your program connects to an IQFeed program (connection manager) which in turn connects to IQFeed's ticker plants.

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    Yes to active trading, but for me its in the minis.
  9. jkd,
    As you quoted, its a windows API, I will be running this system under Linux so using a dll API is out of question.
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