Data feed & RT Provider for German & London Stock Exchanges like nxcore in Europe

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  1. iigor


    Can someone suggests a good real time data-feed with API
    - German Stock & London stock Exchanges (LSE)
    - German & London Futures exchanges (Xetra LFTSE)

    Something like NxCore, but with access servers in Europe. (not in US)
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    "Your company needs to hold a valid Developer Community License to use our APIs. The Developer Community license provides you with access to software, information, global email-based support and the developer community."

    I think, that this is a problem.
  4. iigor


    ... or I misunderstood something.
    To write a program,using reuters API, I must be a member of reuters developers team? I don't work in reuters or some licenced distributor.

    I have some program and want data in it.
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    Thanks a lot!!!
    As I understood (
    $237 / Month - is for get source and get support.
    Is it needed while program is used in production too?

    I can't find cost of direct access on site. Write request to support, but they didn't answer.
    What is approximately cost of access?
  7. Bloomberg? Or just call NxCore tomorrow and ask them for a london server ip (if they have one)
  8. You could look here I do not now what platform u use but this file type will fit a few I now of :)