Data feed & RT charts Provider for German & London Stock Exchanges

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    Can someone suggests a good real time data-feed & charting provider for:
    - German Stock & London stock Exchanges (LSE)
    - German & London Futures exchanges (Xetra LFTSE)

    Notes (running a pesudo realtick3 for european exchanges) seems out of business for a while.
    does not provide european exchanges
    same as esignal
    they lack many of the features of esignal/rt3

  2. I was at their site today and they had a banner about a european version.
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    I asked them: unfortunately esignal turbofeed is only for istitutions and businesses, not for private traders.

    Any more comments?

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    Chuck_T eSignal

    eSignal will support 14 real time European exchanges before the end of the month ...

    Coming Soon! - eSignal 6.3 (Euro) & eSignal 6.4 Preview.

    eSignal 6.3: This release will support 14 real time European stock exchanges including: London Stock Exchange; EuroNext Exchange - includes Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels; Deutsche Borse - includes German regionals, Switzerland and Ireland; Nordic Exchanges - includes Copenhagen, Helsinki, Iceland, Oslo and Stockholm; Vienna Stock Exchange; Milan Stock Exchange and Madrid Stock Exchange.

    eSignal 6.4 Preview: This special release will allow users to have an early look at the new and improved charting in eSignal. Also as part of 6.4 will be a formula engine and language.

    We are very excited at eSignal about these new versions. Both will be made available for download before the end of January.


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    I'm accessing European exchanges, particularily German stocks through myTrack . I hope this helps.
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  9. Hi,

    I used as a datafeed for tradestation. They have german exchanges and US (and several others). The US-data was not really reliable, but there a several guys who recommend the german data feed which I did never use.

    If you looking for a broker to trade german stocks (and futures?), you might consider You can quite well short stocks there and they have an API.


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