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    i'm looking at some data feeds and there are some many options and prices, extra monthly fees, i don't know what the total cost is. can some give me some cost of a good data feed. i'm looking for stocks, cbot & cme mini futures(if not too expensive will take big futures also) and the major indexes. i want to get quotes, charts and level 2(for equites) and alerts. can someone give me an idea of how much all of this will cost on a monthly basis w/all of the extra fees. thanks
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    A lot of people find to be very reasonable for what you are looking for.

    Tell 'em I sent you.
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    Several options (No specific order, not talking about quality)
    Some give you a better price if you prepay a year. (especially DTNIQ) Remember, you have to add exchange fees for real time data. ($80), eSignal($100),DTNIQ($80),ATFinancial($135),MyTrack($20, but a trading acct is required, something new), Realtick($250)

    There are lots of others, the fact that I didn't mention them doesn't say anything. This list is just to give you an idea.

    Hope this helps
  4. Long term all these Data feed vendors will be out
    except Esignal.

    Esignal has more 3rd party software feed than any data
    vendor, and covers almost all international market.

    Don't forget traders are all over the world, not just Latin
  5. I love this view.
  6. Go for Esignal equities for 79$ only (annual prepaid).
    You will be monthly:
    Nasdaq level 1 1$ monthe
    NYSE 1$ monthe
    Amex 1$ monthe
    CME-Emini 15$ for a year.
    Level II total view 14$ monthe (your brokers provides level 2)

    Esignal Package covers futures international market also for
    just 114$. (offer valid for short preiod)
    But you have to pay again for foreign exchanges.

    Browse trough this link and you will learn everything you need
    about instruments and markets with their feed.
    check pricing calculator to finish your confusion.

    first of all, Esignal feed is very reliable, unlike Qcharts.
  7. Thanks. The Beauty of trading is that you can live places
    where you have less living expense than US (therefore
    it is ok if you make less money) and also have a fresher
    life by relocating.
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    As far as raw datafeed is concerned at the "retail" end is concerned, Realtick is probably the best.

    But really, in order to answer this question accurately, you have to understand what kind of trading you are going to be doing and on what time frame. Then you willl find that the question gets answered automatically.