Data feed for whole US stock market

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  1. I'm looking for a RT market data feed (raw data via API) for the whole US stock market, to be used under a Unix/Linux environment,
    the API should be in C/C++, Java is maybe ok too.
    Are there any competitive alternatives to the "NxCore" product from DTN/IQfeed ( )? Costs about $500/month.
    Anybody any experience with this or similar products?
  2. esignal?
  3. Do you have experience with them?
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    IQ Feed is another option on par with eSignal.
  5. I would suggest that DTN's "IQ-Feed" is actually much more stable and robust than E-Signal.
  6. only very limited.

    What exactly do you need? Do you understand what "whole US stock market" means? Places like Bloomberg charge $4,500/month for that service and even if you can afford that (B-Pipe) its digital data so you need to be able to receive digital & convert/process into analog (Read: Expensive) & usable data.

    What are you looking for? If you don't need realtime why not buy backdate data on the cheap? Do you need realtime live? Milisecond tick by tick on every security? Equities only? Everything?
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    I had an experience with e-Signal COM API and that was really disgusting, never recommend to anyone. I also have used DTN, i found it to be much more robust and solid than e-Signal. Btw, i haven't used NxCore, it was the developer edition of their regular feed.

    Other than COM Api, e-Signal also have other means of data delivery but last time i checked they were much more expensive than the forementioned 500$ level.

    Edit: I just searched my mail box and found that they were charging as below

    Our Standard API is on a set up fee and then a monthly fee plus exchange fees per user.

    Standard API Set up fee $2500
    Standard API monthly fee $2500
    plus exchange fees
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    I'm been using nxcore for nearly a year now. It's awesome.
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