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Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by nitro, Jul 11, 2002.

  1. nitro


    I am currently a TS6 user. I am disatisfied with TradeStation Pro (TS6) - the software (I push it to the limits and it crashes all the time.) However, their data feed seems to be superb.

    I am seriously looking into Wealth-Lab and Neoticker to replace TS6, but I was wondering if someone here that trades in the very short time frame and cannot tolerate a bad feed, e.g., IB or E-Signal, can suggest a data feed that will work well with Wealth-Lab or Neoticker.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. mktman


    Could it be your system?

    Not one crash here with TS6

  3. Kymar



    I presume you've talked to the people at TS about this problem already, but I'd suggest you give another try, and try to get your issues "escalated." There are certain tricks and adjustments that may help.

    It'll be interesting to see if the next upgrade(s) is(are) more or less stable than TS6. Sure hope so. TS6 was already a radical improvement over 2000i in that regard.

    Before you go through the hassle of switching to Wealth-Lab or some other software, I 'd suggest you make sure that you can get everything you want, as the problem may have as much to do with Windows as with TS6 specifically.

    I've heard something about the artificial limitations on numbers of objects that Windows allows. Apparently, there are ways to disenable this limitation, but I have thusfar been unable to get the details, including some possible, unspecified risks involved. Maybe some other contributor here has something to offer on the subject - I may start a thread on it myself... "Tweaking Windows" or something... or "Tradestation and Windows."

    I'll be looking into this matter more intensively over the next few days or weeks I expect. At present it's not a huge problem for me to work around/through the object limitations and occasional crashes, but I would like to see what I can do. I'll let you know if I find anything out. I hope you'll pass on anything you might learn as well.

    PM me if you like about the matters we were discussing earlier in the chatroom - unless your problems have had nothing to do with and no effect on toolbars...

    (As I suggested above... You want to move this discussion to another thread? Wouldn't want to hijack your investigation of WL...)

  4. nitro



    I will follow where you lead on this - I submit to your greater knowledge of TS6 - just tell me where the thread moved and I will be there.

  5. nitro


    I use dual P4 1.7Ghz Xeons, 1GB machine with a 40GB SCSI hard disk, a Matrox G200 MMS QUAD and a Matrox G550 Dual DVI, with 4 digital flat panels and two analog flat panels attached.

    My OS is Windows 2K.

    I run TS6 with 15 workspaces open (I would have about 50 open if it didn't crash at 16) with about 30 windows open on each workspace with multiple data per chart with several indicators per chart.

    Believe me, it cannot take it. Kymar's comments above about Win2K's "object creation problem" has great promise in solving this.

  6. Shankar



    Wealth Lab is a great backtesting tool. As far as I know it supports eSignal, QCharts, Real Tick and a German vendor. You might find a superior software depending on what kind of systems you like to trade. Anyway I can highly recommend it. I have never used TS6 but Wealth Lab has never ever crashed with me so far but I have not used it for trading with 30 real time windows open.

  7. nitro



    Thx for the response.

    BTW, I don't have 30 realtime windows open - I have 15 realtime WORKSPACES open. Each workspace contains about 10 realtime windows, so that is abour 150 realtime stocks.

  8. trader99



    Wow. Quite a setup you have. I've started playing with WL and seems stable but can potentially slow things down when you are backtesting a portfolio of like 500-600 stocks going back 5-6+ years.

    But other than that, it seems pretty solid. And they are working on potential fixes of any memory leaks or instablity.

    Now, I've been asking myself the same questions about real-time data feed. What's most reliable? eSiginal, RT,, taipan?

    I'll try it out shortly and let you know.

    good luck!

  9. nitro



    Thx for the response! I will be looking forward to your research

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