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    This is a long shot but....

    Anybody have recommendations for data feed vendors that can push to mobile/tablet devices or have a socket protocol?


    - In the middle of developing some specialized charting software for iPad, Android tablets, PlayBook's etc. for a client.

    - Also runs on desktop PCs and Macs.

    - Developed with Adobe AIR (language is Actionscript). Socket communications are available.


    Typically when pushing data to AIR/Flex apps you use something like Adobe Lifecycle/BlazeDS or Comet-style push etc.

    However, this requires server-side infrastructure that acts as middleware.

    In this model, you would be considered a re-distributor of market data as far as the exchanges are concerned and that makes licensing more complex and $$$.

    My client would prefer to stay with the ISV route where the software is installed by the user and the user is then responsible for paying subscriber fees etc. and simply connecting the software to the feed a la Sierra Charts etc. so that there is no server-side infrastructure to be concerned about.

    This is fine on the desktop. When it comes to mobile/tablet devices, does anyone have any experience doing this or working with data feed vendors in this scenario?

    If the vendor gives access to a socket-based protocol an Actionscript feed-handler library could potentially be developed that runs on these mobile devices.

    C, C++, .Net or Java etc. client libraries cannot be used in this instance. Although, if their client libraries are open source that would make porting to Actionscript a lot easier.

    Any thoughts or recommendations welcome.

    Thought I'd ask here in case any of you come up with something my client isn't aware of.

    Data and news from worldwide equities and commodities markets are required as well as FX etc. Basically everything.
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    maybe I did and maybe I didn't.
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    Maybe xignite?
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    Thanks. We investigated Xignite and ruled them out early on.

    Xignite are not suitable for streaming real-time charts I believe. Their model is web-service based i.e. request/response.

    That would require a tablet device to continuously poll an end-point to get live data.

    Thanks anyway.