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Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by Eldredge, Dec 4, 2001.

  1. Eldredge


    I am looking for a streaming data feed (not too expensive) that can be ran in Excel and will allow me to make a worksheet to manipulate the data in real time. Do any of you do this? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for any information.
  2. Turok


    Can be done quite easily with Realtick (, but you will have to determine your own definition of "not too expensive". Yes, I do this.

  3. cashonly

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    You can try: - they're pretty inexpensive - more expensive, but not as much as realtick

    If you go with a broker that uses RediPlus, it also has an Excel interface and that wouldn't cost you anymore.
  4. Trayder


    You might take a look at a program called InterQuote. It does not feed into Excel, but rather gives you a spreadsheet interface for the quotes that you select.
  5. eSignal also works great. Their support site has an Excel spreadsheet you can download so you can see how it works
  6. With their new DDE link, now you can add Interactive Brokers to the mix... I bet no data vendor can beat their price :)
  7. Turok


    >With their new DDE link, now you can add
    >Interactive Brokers to the mix...

    Don't even think about it.

  8. dozu888


    Turok, elaborate a little please ?
  9. Turok


    IB's data feed is their weakness, not their strength -- IB themselves will tell you that they are not in the data streaming business.

    If someone thinks they will use the new DDE implementation and now have a source of streaming data to export and manipulate, they really should think again.

  10. tntneo

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    well you are right, but it depends. for futures it is not too bad. Sometimes it lags, true.
    For stocks, I would agree. I remember some not so confortable moments when watching prices and wondering if my computer did not freeze.

    As you pointed out, IB is not in the data business anyway. Another point, someone using datek streamer or other 'free' data from their brokers into QT, will not complain about IB.
    I would not do it, but well, it does not mean others don't find it OK for them.

    Of course, the real reason several were asking this DDE is for Order Entry. that's the thread topic anyway. I know some solutions are a bit more robust than IB's TWS, but there are many more bad platforms. IB is doing a great job by me with orders (futures and nyse).
    Yes, I know you pointed out in other threads some confirmation or freeze problems with IB (well I think it is you..). And it is true. but in my experience using them for quite a while, this is very rare for my type of trading.
    Of course the tool should fit the job. IB is better at some things than other. So, I do acknowledge different opinions here.

    DDE is not the best choice available, but on the other hand it was the choice to have something quickly (at last) for API traders.

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