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    I've recently created an account at IB( great so far ), but I need more DOMs running at the same time than the 3 available with TWS. I am sure some of you had issues with this limitation.

    So what is the best data feed and software solution to run a lot of DOMS and enter orders directly on ladder to IB?

    I'm looking to trade CBOT, NYMEX, ICE and all US stock exchanges and I need quite accurate data in DOMs( not like TS DOM Datas, IB feed is OK for what I want to do ).

    So what is the best bang for the buck?

    Thanks a lot.

    PS: Otherwise, is there a mean to collect more DOM datas from IB feed and run it in a standalone software with DOM order entry?
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    What the hell is "DOM"?
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    DOM = Depth Of Market, Level 2, Matrix, Order Book...
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    I was watching the reviews for zeroline trader. They are good and it's really cheap.It seems that it uses IB datas, so datas would be free as I have an account there. Am I right? ( sorry I don't really know anything about IB's front end products )

    How many DOM can you use simultaneously with it( and IB datas )?

    Thanks a lot.
  5. Three DOM max with IB, whatever software you are using.
  6. zeroline is good, i have 4 doms open for ES at once (im serious- each has a different strategy programmed. swing, trend, breakout, scalp) and i have another 2 doms for YM and eurostoxx, so thats 6 total.

    seems like u can open alot of doms dunno how many but i think i had about 10 open once but not sure. get it anyway its great software, simple and effective.

    and no i dont work for them

    EDIT: obviously i trade futures only, so i dont know for sure about other products. but i have had ES, eurostoxx, YM, CL, ZB, Bund all open at once with no problems
  7. Buttontrader is simply incredible.
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    if you need to trade more than two markets, then button trader is the way to go with IB.
  9. Yes, but you can only have a maximum of 3 different instruments active.
  10. That is correct.
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