data feed delays and the fomc

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by DonKee, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. DonKee


    Just curious...

    Did anyone NOT have delays in data or NOT have execution problems immediately after fed announcement.

    If NOT, then what data feed and order execution system (broker) are you using?

  2. cashonly

    cashonly Bright Trading, LLC

    Your best bet is one of the audio squawk services... even if your feed chokes, that usually keeps going and you can listen to hear what's going on in the pit.
  3. DonKee


    cash, that is good for quotes, but when my data feed is locked up, usually the transmission of orders is, too.

    ie: Trade Station locked up, thus you can't send in orders nor receive fills.

    IB gets moving fast, orders, etc are unreliable.

    I specifically, am flat going into the fmoc, but I was wondering how others had experiences with their order flow at this time.

    if anyone was able to execute, what feeds were they using?
  4. NIU76


    You may want to check Mirus futures and their Zenfire feed. I use it and it does not freeze up during fed anouncments.

    Just an FYI...
  5. Aok




    No problems.
  6. Surdo


    I made it out alive in US, and NQ today on TradeStation. It was only "sticky" for a few seconds. I was loaded up before and 2:15 and had no problem cancel/replacing @ 2:17.

  7. I only load one chart, T&S, and Matrix on Tradestation on FMOC without issues. Multiple charts and radar screen (big resource hog) can freeze up.