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  1. Does anybody have any good experiences with a data feed other than Hyperfeeds? I've seen Esignals-turbo feed and DTNIQ-IQfeed, they seem to be pretty reasonably priced. Does anybody know how reliable they are or how many symbols can be pulled at once? Any other good ones out there?
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    How much is Esignal's API?
  3. It's about 120.
  4. iqfeed

    iqfeed DTN

    IQFeed is 500 symbols. For comments from users on IQFeed, take a look at the software review of Medved QuoteTracker.
  5. 120 per month or once or ... ?????????

  6. It is 2400$ if my memory is right, but not open you have to submit a business plan.

    The only workaround will be the ActiveX in Beta with the v7.4Beta, but the final price is not available now.
  7. Final price should be zero (for eSignal). Does IB makes you pay to have access to their ActiveX 'API' ???
  8. I use IB with Tradestation2000i and Metaserver and all I have to pay is $10.00 a month for my Futures Data but this fee is refunded when you do over $30.00 a month in commissions so it works out that it costs you nothing for your real time data per month.Metaserver only costs $99.00.
  9. Yes I knew that. I guess if eSignal makes us pay for their ActiveX API, it will just makes people focus on developping IB API charts applications instead of new eSignal tools that could bring them additional customers, so I think this would be a wrong strategy to make people pay.
  10. Agree with you GeorgeSoros, they should use the same policy than the DDE with eSignal, all be inclucled in the monthly fee!
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