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Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by gwnorth, Mar 9, 2003.

  1. gwnorth


    Can anyone out there shed some light on recent lags in data especially Friday. It seems that when the market excellerates their data and charts response go for crap. To the point that things / system seem to stall at times. Now either its their data and I've heard this in the past thats not keeping up or its my system. The system is a Dell Pent lll 933mhz with 512 MB and 3 17" LCD's. Going to be adding a fourth soon. Now is there a method by which one can keep his system running its best, ie keeping drives defragmented on a regular basis with directories cleaned of un used material. Third party software etc. How would one find out if the processor is single or double? Should a guy go for a Pent lV with 2 GHZ.?

    Any assistance on systems and sysytem setups would be helpful along with data providers. It seems that I've heards that esignal is better but also lags in fast market.

    Thanks for your interest.:confused:

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  2. Banjo


    It's probably not your machine. Q charts can really suck in fast mkts. Of course so can everything else.
  3. Tea


    It might be affected by how many chart windows you have open or how many monitors the workspace is spread across.

    I have heard a lot of conflicting information on this topic. Some people report no lag, most others a considerable lag.
  4. QCharts have been a POS since Lycos took over. People keep it for the nice charts. Although Fridays lag was more the results of the massive spike than QCharts. Don't let them tell you its your problem. Lycos has created more problems with every new version they have put out.

    Rumor is most of the talent has left and gone to competitors.
  5. speedy


    great charts but it goes down every day.
  6. maxpi


    Exactly. I have lots of history with Qcharts and I dropped it as a realtime trading tool, use it for research only, and it is great for that. They will always try to tell you that problems are with your feed, your computer, etc., hardly ever is. The software just seems to have problems on some machines and not others. Service varies from one server to the other too, finding the best server is hard. Neoticker does that automatically when you pull it up BTW, pretty nifty feature.

  7. gwnorth


    Yeah I agree with you guys very much there talent seems to have gone else where or they just don't pay their people. I finally spoke to a girl on Friday who was somewhat enthusiastic but for the most part you get the service rep who talks to you like he's been on an all night runaway and would rather be home in bed. Grant you their charts are great to work with which for now is and possibly only tempoarary. Will give Neoticker a look and by the way can you guys tell me if there are any special little tweaks that you do to your system to keep that purrrrrrrrrrr a happenin.
  8. Dustin


    I was having problems like you described when I had Last/Bid/Ask for emini's in seperate t&s windows. I closed the bid/ask windows and since haven't had any problems. The emini data can really f* up Qcharts I think.