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  1. Which broker has the best rate when it comes to data fees? Is there any that waives fees outright when share purchase requirement is met? It seems like there is no uniform surcharge, since different brokers charge different fees. CyberTrader and TradeStation waive fees for their platform only but charge for the exchange data, whereas InteractiveBroker offers "US Securities & Commodities Bundle" for free, although they omit to mention what's included in the bundle. I'm interested in receiving data from the CME (for S&P futures, e-mini, etc), CBOT (bonds) & NYMEX (crude oil).
  2. IB , as long as you do $30 in commish a month, you get 84,000 exchanges for nothing.

    If you have a stroke, and can't do the minimum, Big Louie comes to your front door and demands $10 to cover all the fees.

    PS No spitting
  3. That's cool, if not almost obscenely refreshing for a change. But what's exacytly included? Does it include the s&p, bond, & crude futures in RT? I couldn't find anything useful on IB site.
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    It includes all the US exchanges that we have a connection to. The list is available on our website under Trading >> Exchanges.

    Yes, you will get the mini S&P, bond and the mini oil futures on NYMEX and the brent crude futures on the IPE.