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  1. spinn


    I am in need of someone to enter about 4000 email addresses and names into a spreadsheet and would like to hire a firm, probably in india, to do that?

    anyone know of any?

    so why am i putting it here....well I have to put it somewhere, google search results not very good so far.
  2. GTS


    Are they hand written or is this a printout? Wondering if OCR software would work instead.
  3. ill do it for $1000
  4. Ill do it for 975....
  5. sjfan


    .... So.... assuming it takes 20 seconds to type each address, this is about 22.23 hr of work. At $7.25 min wage, this is only about $161.11 of work... and you have a preference for outsourcing to india? why??

  6. sjfan


    Oh, I'll bid $322. I'll bet I can find someone in one of the local college to do it for less than min wage - can make sure he's indian if that works for your particular brand of racism.

  7. its racist how?
    its a major industry in India
  8. flatron


    $250 right here!
  9. $225.00 here. Would it be ok to send it next door to Bangladesh?

    #10     Nov 18, 2009