Data discrepancies between IB paper and live/real account

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    Turns our that IB's own data feeds for paper and live accounts may be different by as much as 2%. Has anyone else noticed that?

    I used TradeLink's Record application to record FX snapshot ticks from IB over a one-hour period on a Sunday afternoon. Here are the results:

    Recording interval: 18:50 - 19:55 EDT, 2011-09-25

    Paper account data recorded with TradeLink build 2809

    Live account data recorded with TradeLink build 3146

    Paper and live accounts owned by the same user.

    AUD.USD IDEALPRO CASH - 1.6% difference
    CHF.JPY IDEALPRO CASH - 0.7% difference
    EUR.USD IDEALPRO CASH - 2.4% difference
    GBP.USD IDEALPRO CASH - 1.5% difference
    USD.CHF IDEALPRO CASH - 2.0% difference
    USD.JPY IDEALPRO CASH - 1.9% difference

    I've attached a sample of the recording in Time,Bid,Ad,BidVol,AskVol CSV format for those curious.

    So has anyone seen a discrepancy between IB's paper and live account data?