DATA another stock thats bullish

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  1. just puttting these out here for the record... can someone provide me some technical analysis to confirm my belief. k. thnx.
  2. DATA.PK*******
  3. LEAPup


    Are you reading the journals here, and googling what you don't know? I told you this recently, and it apparently fell on deaf ears from your thread wanting penny stock advice. I know you just have to have a 45m car, but you're not going to be driving it this way.

    I know you're new to this, but you're going to get eaten alive here unles you can at least show you're learning before asking questions about stuff most people here don't trade to begin with.

    Soooo, read, read, and read some more.

    If not, I guess we'll enjoy the liquidity you're providing until your micro account blows up. There are NO shortcuts.

    The choice is yours...
  4. UMMMM actually for this I used the Fibonacci ABC up ...