DAT For Canadians - Is there such a things as A good Firm In Canada

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Twinky, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. Twinky


    I signed up with Questrade but discovered they were terrible. Service was poor and the platforms were absolute garbage.

    Id like to use a good Platform available to Canadians, Terra Nova is not one of them :(

    Any thoughts?

    Any fellow Canadians with some input?
  2. clooch


    The quality is not there and the better firms are not even remotely close in commission costs as compared to American firms. You will be spending more money for a weaker service if you choose to stay canadian
  3. Twinky


    I realize that, but few firms allow you to sign up if you are a Canadian.
  4. clooch


    Thats not true. In my experiences, being Canadian has never imposed a problem with brokerages or data providers
  5. Twinky


    What platform did you settle on?
  6. cfelicio


    We had thinkorswim.ca, but now the future is uncertain. THe only remaining choice is IB
  7. IB Canada. Best of breed.
  8. Twinky


    I tried both of them

    IB is garbage.... come on.. Java....

    And Think or swim is descent but functionality is poor.

    Im on the hunt for a platform that runs like Terra Nova Trade Station, but will actually let Canadians in...
  9. I've been searching for the same thing... how about RealTick via Jitney Group... the only problem are the comissions and CAD $335 for the platform....
  10. IB has its problems but it's the only choice for me. You haven't said what you trade. If you want access to all instruments in one account, it's IB and that's it.

    Re: TWS being Java, I'm not a programmer but I've seen others complain about it. However, just to let you know, I haven't had any serious problems with TWS using Button Trader as a front end. There was one day last year when it just went down and some guys here lost money. IB told them to go fuck themselves when it came to compensation.

    I guess I'll be singing a different tune when TWS goes down in the middle of a trade but I use fixed stops so hopefully I'll be okay.

    There are no other choices for retail Universal accounts in Canada.
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