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    I plan to use DAS TRADER PRO & would like to hear from people that have similar experience. Believe it or not, I find the TOS platform to be a bit excessive, as I am simply a stock trader.

    I've searched here, but did not find much results. A lot of people prefer lightspeed, but since I will be trading both at work and home, I had read that the web version of DAS TRADER to be better than that of Lightspeeds.

    Please chime in.

    I know it'll take some time for me, but would like the liberty to close all positions at end of day and what not.

    Is there a paper trail of trades that I can pull from this, seeing this is diff't from web based browser?

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  3. hey froglet, what broker are you planning to use who uses das trader pro?
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    I have only found speedtrader thus far. I haven't signed up yet, as I'm still researching, but if I had to choose, I'd go w/ them.
  5. It's a piece of junk

    Delay in fast market are the standard
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    What is good then?
  7. What do you mean? DAS isn't any slower than other platforms.

    froglet, have you heard of broad street or protrade? speedtrader seems like they have a lot of support, so they would be good for a beginning trader. speed trader also has ispeedtrader, which is basically idas, which i find useful for your days off when you just can't help but peek at your portfolio.
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    I am not going to try chase algorithims to that of an extent, but if there is something 'faster' and 'noticeable' that others don't know, I like most would want to know as well.

    Could you elaborate? I know speedtrader uses DAS TRADER as its platform.
  9. protrade securities and broad street also use das pro. also, choicetrade and a few other companies use das too. there are a lot of options out there, but i hear speedtrader is great because they have a lot of support. ispeedtrader and idas are an iphone app.

    some people confuse the speed of their own computers and internet connection as something wrong with trading platforms. das is very lightweight, it's less than 5mb. if you have a good amount of ram, you should be trading as fast as the pros
  10. I closed my account with speedtrader. Nuff said.
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