darwinism of trading

Discussion in 'Trading' started by blackjack007, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. so here we have countless beginners who started trading/investing in 2003 and think that the markets only go up. we have cocky fools who have never seen the market drop 34% in a month, like march 2000.

    we have advisory services that have been trading for 3 years, averaging 250% per year who think they're god for being profitable during the easiest years ever. we have options writers who think it's safe to make 10% per month with ic's and nakeds.

    tomorrow, at 9:30am, the gods of the markets will strike down upon them all with great fury. the many weak will be crushed and the few strong will survive. this is darwinism of the financial markets and it happens every several years.

    i gleefully await the market open.
  2. w00t
  3. LOL



    started in 2003?

    Try January of 2008

    But Ive made $596 on 2 down days

    so I'm doing a happy dance

    Its a revelation to think you can make money in a down market

    as for tomorrow
    welll ------
    I think Im just gonna watch
  4. Bullshit! The markets will rally big time tomorrow. Before cratering again later.
  5. excellent post