"Darkside" using tren then making posts

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by NY_HOOD, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. NY_HOOD


    Darkside is on a mission,stay out of his way he's pissed. he's mad because he is 5% bodyfat when he should 4%. that ripped mofo needs more tren and he's pissed. if i was timmay i would move to africa or else Darkside is gonna use him as a syringe.
  2. Hell yeah man and you know you can't sleep on that shit so timmay better start running.


    I have to keep my dose up to protect me from paraclese.
  3. Timmay not worried. He has Bad Ass body guard known as: "the bitchy leprechaun"

  4. NY_HOOD


    whats up darkside? just bored. made some money early and i walked away again.thats been my strategy as of late.
  6. xscape321


    "Anus McCracken"

  7. hey man nada. Just got back today from a short vacation in South FL.

    Nothing wrong with that strategy, by the way bro!. ha ha

  8. ha ha ha

    I hear he can wield an anal probe with the best of them....

    I'd steer clear. Even tren can't help me there.
  9. NY_HOOD


    no way. TREN won't help. this guy needs 4 pre-loaded sustanons per week and 50mgs of d-ball per day just to get on track. Darkside needs to train this guy.
  10. yeah I think a gram of sus a week may get the ball rolling for him...in a preload, being a 20 gauge..will be like a knitting needle, but hey no pain no gain right?

    he'll maybe need some arimidex to go with the dbol to cut the bloat- though he is so skinny it may do him some good- but in any case the arimi (or hell, letro would be better) would get rid of that obvious estrogen overload he has going on right now. lol
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