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  1. I'll try again, in other words. Here is some detail to fill in the aforementioned sound bytes.

    Before space and time there was a thought leading to the sacrifice of Self. The Self was limitless, whole, unified, and all attributes perfect. The thought of separation seemed to change the Self's identity from whole to fragmented.

    Upon this mistaken thought, a thought system was quickly built as it produced unpleasant feelings in the mind that thought it. Dealing with these feelings led to the making of time, space and form in which the Self now appears fragmented, small, imprisoned in bodies, weak...everything opposite and upside down what the Self was. Form - bodies - are the substitute self, replacing the One that was "killed". They aren't much, but they are better than the painful feelings relative to the thought of separation.

    So the world is a sacrifice of the Self. Bodies - symbols of separation - are all that is left after everything else is sacrificed. Bodies are valued because that is all that's left! So it seems. That is what I mean by sacrifice. All of time, space and form is a "loss"...the destruction of Self. It is the giving up of everything for nothing...abundance for scarcity...unlimitedness for limits...etc.

    The idea that the Self can be sacrificed makes this world. That is why without sacrifice, there would be no more world for leaders to lead. The world continues to turn on the idea of sacrifice.

    Those who have turned my crucifixion into some kind of magical occultist sacrifice...well, they value the world, and so see everything through the lens of sacrifice. The world is some kind of dark, secretive, magical occultist sacrifice! So what else would you expect from it's leaders!

    Those who love this world must love sacrifice, because that is what it is...a sacrifice of everything for nothing: joylessness for joy, littleness for magnitude, weakness for holiness, fragmentation for Oneness, insanity for sanity...etc.

    My role was to parody the plight of Self as he sacrifices himself upon the "cross" of linearity...linear time and it's partner in crime: space.

    The world is the antithesis of Self. It is the anti-Self. So all those "leading" the world must be anti-Self, and pro-sacrifice of Self.

    It is not possible to experience any kind of existence in this world without first having subscribed to the idea of Self-sacrifice before time and space ever appeared.

    Thus, the "world leaders" are simply those who best personify the values of the rest of the population. Those values find common ground mainly in the worship of "nature"...time, space, form, earth, the world, and the bodies that seem to walk about in it. They are made "real" by repeated sacrifice, and sacrifice makes them "real" to it's worshippers. For to worship is to value and give "worth" to...to appreciate and esteem. This is what binds man-made religions, occultists, and atheists together in a common plight. They are all the same in this regard. They all value the world for what they think it offers.

    Attack makes real. Sacrifice is an attack on Self. The world turns on continuing the attack. For those who love the world, attack equals salvation. When the idea of attack is seen for what it is - meaningless - so will the world be seen. Then it will be no more. If you value the world, you must value attack. For without it, there would be no more world.

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