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    in the end i had the feeling some elderly man play summernightsdream.
    not really the blood and sex and sacrifice thing i expected from
    what they talked about before they entered. and then, if this is
    the most secretive thing of the hidden world government then
    they let them film, see it and let them continue? not taking the
    camera, destroying the evidence and so forth? in my eyes alex
    jones shot over the top with this one. more likely that this is just
    a special form of british-origin high class entertainment than
    anything super secretive. i mean, you can't enter an ordinary
    airplane that easily, but you can at the conspiracy gathering?
  2. lol, he infiltrated the place. many others tried before him and didn't make it. obviously nobody was aware who he was and that he was there to film the cremation of care thing. i am stunned that u dont find it disturbing. i certainly did. our leaders portrait themselves as conservative christians and then secretly practice the occult and attend mock[?] human sacrifices to molech. it's appalling and should be of great concern to everyone.
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    i see where you are coming from. but i could think that the
    intention of the whole thing is different. sacrifice happens
    as well when an indian monk gets initiated. there is a fire
    in which his negative qualities are offered to the fire. it surely
    is just symbolic and done with candles, but the idea behind is
    sacrifice. consequently dead monks are burried and not burned,
    because they had been burned already earlier in their lives.

    i am not sure it was really that harmless in the grove, but the
    way they walked over the parking place and the fact that they
    were obviously losely checked does not really look like a camouflaged
    "infiltration". i doubt you get in like that at bilderberg meetings.
    or even on G7. just think of that. the most powerful hidden thing
    can't prevent alex jones from getting in, whereas he would
    never make it into an official international politicians congress?
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    btw i love conspiracies, just most cases don't withstand some
    critical thinking.
  5. empty statement.

    isn't the elite deeply involved into the occult?

    yes it is.

    should that worry you?

    yes it should.
  6. that was the whole purpose. it was everything but a camouflaged infiltration as it has never ever shown to work. alex entered the grove from the main entrance to avoid been chased like all previous intruders were. security now is much tighter...if u think it is a joke to get in, go ahead and try...i give u 10k bucks if u can do it.

    the rituals are highly complex and shows that those involved, especially the high priest have deep knowledge of the occult. this is no joke, references to satanism and lucifer are made clear troughout the rituals. it is scary. u are acting as an apologist; that's even scarier and shows why they get away with this shit.
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    hm. you seem to know much more about this than i do.
    nevertheless, getting through the main door while it is
    impossible to get in through kilometers of wood ...
    sounds like script and not like real world to me. i mean
    entrance code, invitation, reference check. "mr. jones
    you are not on my list." this kind of thing. "sorry this
    id-card is not valid." in a highly secretive place two
    guys with a camera in their bag don't go in just like
    that. metal detector? for weapons? possible terror
    attacks? and the first thing and foremost: no camera,
    no audio devices, no taping. right? and the guards
    who asked what they had taped don't take their
    camera if what is to be seen is beyond any level of
    global secrecy?

    and for your second paragraph, midsummernightsdream
    is probably full of such symbolism. and i would think
    it is possible that the so called satanism has it from
    somewhere ...

    don't know if i am an apologist. i like alex jones. think
    he is an important figure. nevertheless i do not buy
    official story at face value, but the inofficials neither.
    makes me an "apologist"? so be it.
  8. This is to be expected from world leaders.

    No world leader is going to stand up and say, "There is no world!". He would either not run for office, or he would be put out of office.

    Notice, in the ceremony, the high value put on "nature".

    They are world leaders because just about everyone in the world believes in "nature". Even jem believes in nature, perhaps because his world leader does.

    This is expected behavior from world leaders, because the world itself is made relative to the idea of sacrifice. All who come here have sacrificed a great deal.

    So world leaders teach sacrifice in one way or another, otherwise there would be no world to lead.

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    did you write that before your first coffee?
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