Dark pool trading data

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  1. Does anyone know if dark pool trading data is available, ie. the trades and what the price was?
  2. Some of the trades are included in the consolidated tape, other trades can be purchased.

    Do you have a dark pool in mind or just generally all dark pools? I'd suggest contacting the shop that manages the dark pool about purchasing their data feed.
  3. yeah, what dark pool in particular are you seeking more data on? also, if you can find out more about that dark pool, care to share??
  4. To be honest, I know very little about dark pool. I was wondering how trades were reported, and if they showed up in data feeds, etc. If I do get more info I'll be sure to share, though.
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    Be careful if you go to play there.
    The recent Pipeline experience should be an eye opener.
    As they say, you are not paranoid if it's true.
  6. Could you elaborate on this Pipeline experience? I'm not sure what this refers to
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    one google hit