Dark Pool Liquidity

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  1. I was wondering if some of the recent volatility is due to the dark pools. I think it could be.

    Also does anyone know if the dark pool trades are reported on the national quote system ? IF so how long is the delay before they show up on your charts? if at all?
    I was on the phone with the sec,FINRA,nasd, nasdaq, and nyse for over two hours and still could not get a valid answer.

    I called a couple of the dark pools(link below) and they said they post immediately, but I am not so sure.

    I read another article that said 20 % of all volume in stocks is done on these block trading dark liquidity pools which are owned by Goldmansachs etc.

    Anyway, be careful out there.. the volume you see just might not be all of it!

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    When I trade with Goldman's book, it prints as NASDAQ instantly. If I route to EDGX/EDGA, who then pings dark books, it will print Cincinnati. Watch your level II vs. the prints and you might be able to pick out where the dark books are.
  3. I hope there is some light in those "dark pools" :)

    any idea how much of volume is going through those pools ? (at the time of the article it was 10 %)
  4. Bet there's a whole lot of goings on bordering on insider trading infractions in them pools. If we could just id stocks getting pumped by a dark pool we could load up and wait for the big wave to take momentum cash in big time.
  5. I strongly agree on this... they better not be fooling with the volume prints... by exchange bylaw i think they must print in a certain number of seconds after execution and i think they all do... for now...

    but the game always seems to morph, over time, in the direction of definitely favoring those inside... even now right after the RMS changes were just made...

    never ends... gotta adapt... pain in a#$...

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