Dark Pool For Dummies

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  1. Just as the title says, this is a place where if you know anything on dark pools; leave a tip, link, words to ponder, thread etc.

    Please leave a clue, so that the clueless, can get a clue, and perhaps get a fill :)
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    Come over to the dark side.

    We have dark pools.

    And cookies.

    We have cookies.
  3. Did someone say cookies?

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  4. With sprinkles.
  5. If you asked a direct question related to what you want actually wanted to know you might get a few more responses...

    Nobody here is just going to read this and write you an essay outlining the mechanics a dark liquidity.
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    My dog left a sort of dark yellow pool out in the yard if you are interested.

    I hope this helps.

  7. guys, I have a few specific questions RE Dark pools. Any (serious) answers would be greatly appreciated. Also please excuse if the 'lingo' is a bit off. Just trying to get a handle on the workings of Dark pools.

    Is the traded volume from Dark pools reflected in regular chart volume? Or is there some extra data feed required to see the volume from Dark pool activity?

    Also how independent of Regular liquidity pools are dark pools? I understand that there are a number of indirect ways dark pool activity can affect exchange traded prices, but does the price action in Dark pools directly affect that of Light pools?

    Are Midpoint prices of Dark Pools calculated from Bid/Asks in the Dark Pool itself or from the Bid/Ask of the more general light pools?

    Thanks in Advance
  8. You might find this of interest:

    Dark pools and
    algorithmic trading1
    The evolution of ‘dark pools’ and how algorithms access and interact
    with non-displayed liquidity
    George Sofianos*


  9. thanks Don...

    Any more reading you care to share our way, my mentor Szven has always spoken highly of you.
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