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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Sprout, Apr 28, 2022.

Would you use Dark mode?

  1. Yes, save my eyes!

  2. Nah, not necessary

  3. Never tried it, why would I want it?

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  1. Sprout


    Any chance we could have that type of functionality?
  2. maxinger


    Dark mode hurts my eyes.
    Elderly folks need brighter background light.

    I wanted to vote but there is no suitable option for me to vote.
  3. Sprout


    That’s interesting, we have the exact opposite experiences.

    Are you sure you just not a contrarian?

    Fortunately, adding dark mode would create additional functionality and not take away what’s already available.
  4. maxinger


    young people tends to like the dark background.

    I have a mild cataract problem. That's why.
  5. deaddog


    I find darkmode is tough on the colorblind
  6. Sprout


    Leo Angart's "Improve your Eyesight Naturally" can help - well researched, science based and up-to-date on current development around eye care.

    Vit C, E and boron can also help with len's cloudiness. The highest concentration of Vit C in the body is in the eye lens.

    On a random note, in Leo's book, he relates an experiment where they measured the eye health of folks with multi-personality disorder. They discover that each personality had different vision. One was near-sighted, another was far-sighted and a third had 20/20 vision. The science has progresses much from the days that eyesight was given to decline with age. It's now known that eyesight can change throughout the day, under different conditions as well as influenced by thoughts we think on a continued basis.
  7. wrbtrader


    I believe he's suggesting adding "Dark Mode" as an option. Thus, the user (member) selects which mode he wants as their default.

    Simply, you get to use the forum the current way and he gets to use the forum in Dark Mode. Some forums (not trading forums) do in fact do such. They have different templates or skins for members to select as their default.

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  8. Sprout


    Yes, ET is in the diminishing minority in making that available. At first I didn't like dark mode, but the relief it has given my eyes has been noticeable.
  9. I have an idea:

    • When the S&P500 is up the forums would have a green theme.
    • When the S&P500 is down the forums would have a red theme.
    • The intensity of the green or red could even depend on how much the market is up or down. Perhaps a blue theme could be for a neutral market.