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  1. joanguma


    Hellow everybody,

    Can anyone give me some opinion about Daniels Trading?
    I'm thinking about open an account but I don't have any references about how they work.

    thank you very much
  2. Talk with Scott Hoffman- he is a senior broker at Daniels that I have been working with re opening an account. He is very helpful, and has been in the business for about 23 years. He has set me up with an Open Ecry demo account, and walked me through the platform and trading futures in general (I have been a stock trader up until this point).

  3. local


    Had an account there. Good people to work with. Closed the account because I preferred the platform at another firm. Andy Daniels, good guy, Glen Swanson is the pres, also good.

  4. Local,

    I will be using the DT Pro (Open Ecry) platform, have been running the demo for a couple of weeks to check it out (I like it so far).

    Any comment on that? I will not be day trading, I am swing trading 3-5 day patterns, so I don't need super fast tick updates.

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    Ksthomsen, thank you very much for your help.

    John Guma Bondia
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    Thanks everybody
  7. joanguma


    What do you think about trading platform dtPro (Daniels Trading platform)?

    And can you tell me something about E Open Cry ( they are the Clearing house which danielst trading works with)?

    Thanh you very much again
  8. local


    Used dt pro. Found it difficult to access spreads as was the case with another platform I used. I think there was a limit as to the number of depth of market windows that could be opened at any one time(15 ?), not the case with the platform I'm using currently.

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    Thank you very much again.
    John Guma Bondia
  10. RobertG


    They are good guys and very professional. Once I spoke to their head broker (ken) and he was extremely knowledgeable as far as platform choices.
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