Daniel Zanger , world record holder ?!

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  1. virgin


    I quote Zanger ;

    "I'm also the world record holder for the largest percent change for a personal portfolio for a 12 month period of time and an 18 month period of time in the history of the stock market."

    How can he claim to be the world record holder ?!
    Have all accounts in history been checked and audited ?!
  2. Does it matter? Create a few pairs of accounts. For each pair, choose an instrument and go long in one and short in the other. You will have one account that will make huge returns, offset by the others that will remain unreported. Accounts aren't nearly as relevant as net worth.

  3. virgin


    Yes, it matters ; difference between a claim and a fact
  4. ssss


    How can he claim to be the world record holder ?!
    Have all accounts in history been checked and audited ?!

    By public contest ,controlled from SEC or "another country SEC"

    Larry Williams claimed 100 time for year ,fined from SEC

    Martin Schwartz - in contest of Dr.Zade in modern
    price 1 year from 1mln until 9 mln $ ( in time of record was 400000 $) start capital futures

    Mark D.Cook approx 560% in one year with options without
    underwriting .but suspect account was in region 100k-200k$

    Bruce Covner from 300 mln $ untill 600 mln $ in one year
    with currency.

    Mark Minervini 400% per year with shares.

    But this kind of result(without insider information bias) have 10 person's from 100 mln speculator's. More of them
    Mark D.Cook and Martin Schwartz have had multiple excessive
    losse's .

    For small 1000-2000 $ account best result in public contest's was some 600% per month by www.fxcm.com King of the mini contest .Trading record was public.

    For quartal(3 month) suspect for small account 1000-2000$
    best result ccan be approx 20-22 time's 1900-2100%
    for three month's

    Not better as by poker . Ex-Nord -Vietnam fugitive ,USA resident performed with VSOP poker more as 1 mln $ .
    Started with 40$ per internet .

    Your respectfully
  5. virgin



    Larry Williams did NO FALSIFICATION of his trading performance in 1987, the authorities investigated this profoundly and no wrongdoings were found.

    Please, stick to the facts...
  6. ssss


    Virgin wrote -

    Larry Williams did NO FALSIFICATION
    He was fined from SEC ,no doubt .Together
    with promouter of contest's (he had relation to contest organisator)

    You can request SEC www.sec.gov

    He's today activities in USA very carefully -he's www
    side registred in Australia ,not in USA

    Best wish ...
  7. virgin


    Larry Williams was NOT fined for falsification of his trading records.
  8. jem


    Larry Williams

    I have seen it documented that part way through the Contest the broker running the contest Robbins _______ was promoting his success and marketed him as a person who could direct trading accounts.

    During the remainder of the contets.

    His clients in his managed accounts lost a fortune - while somehow he managed to make money in his private account.

    what should that say to you.
  9. ssss



    From game theory point of view all can be ,but with which chance ?

    Most respected USA speculators as B.Baruch,Martin Schwartz ,
    Mark D.Cook stated about mutiple years heavy losse's.

    This operator's ,which speculated with Aristotel reason
    as Buffet and Soros have not in best year more as 40%

    Another case ,if operator used insider information against law (Boetzky,Milken &)

    Best modern result with stock , buy Dell in 90's
    and hold 10 years until nasdaq crash (selled by NASDAQ 5000)

    some more as 100000 %(1000 time ) or 100% per year

    But that was time of boom ....

    Margin is related to result ,but not forget ,if operator
    is very good make 600 winning operations from 1000
    by risk/reward 1:1 through Kelly/Shannon form operator
    must risk 20% of capital on each bet.

    Clear ,if operator more soficticated ,he would use floating bet
    tactic and margin would usefull .

    Your respectfully
  10. Actually the best performing stock of the 90's was EMC. Dell wasn't even close.
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