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  1. Well, it has been a lot of fun. I have enjoyed Elite Trader. I have had laughs and learned a thing or two while here.

    But on June 24th in a post intended for my friend El Cubano, I made a typo and said I sold my home for "approximately $500K". When in fact it was closer to $400k. I then went on to talk about how my wife and I were looking to move with a budget of about $500K. Whether I was thinking about the 500 budget when I meant to type the 400, and that caused the error, or if it was just a simple typo and nothing more...I honestly don't know. It was a mistake pure and simple.

    But then Max401 made a wise-ass post about "waiting" to buy my house (for memorabilia). I said it was already sold, but it was on the market again as a spec. house. The realtor I sold it to bought it with the intent of putting in improvements and making a quick profit. I told him the name of the realtor, and that was a mistake. At the time, I thought Max was done with his efforts to try and dispute and disprove my every word. I thought maybe he had tired of that game. I thought he was sincere about his interest in Florida real estate. I should have known better. His obsession with me was always going to be his primary concern. And of course, he did his research, found my error in the stated sale price of my house, did his sleuthing and exerted his expertise, and made his usual mountain out of a molehill.

    Those of you who know how Max401 is when it comes to me, hopefully can understand that there was NO WAY I was going to get away with saying I made a typo, so rather than just saying I made a mistake, I didn't say anything. I know how tenacious Max is, and admitting a mistake was, in my opinion at the time only going to serve to open another door to make things worse. So I let it go. I was very wrong to believe that letting anything go could possibly help avoid more conflict. Nothing could. Of course it ultimately served to do the exact opposite. Again, I should have known better.

    For reasons that could only possibly be known to, and understood by Max, he was compelled to make a huge issue over my house. As he has with virtually everything I have ever said on ET that he has read. The incredible amount of time Max has obviously spent researching and studying every post I ever made is truly an astounding feat of dedication.

    Now, true to his nature, he tracked down the house, the recorded selling price, etc. I should have seen this coming. Actually I did, but it was too late. And still, I believed Max was harmless. I still think he is harmless. Despite his obsession with me. Do I understand it? No. But I do have to acknowledge it.

    Again, as some of you know, I had invited Max to dinner, but he refused it, and kept himself hidden. But apparently, despite the fact that he would not meet me in person, he has pursued his never-ending quest to find out everything about me he could. And this wouldn't bother me in the least. I am not a secretive person. Max is. And that's fine. Everyone is different. There is no right or wrong. Only differences.

    However, this whole latest episode bothers my wife and has distressed her greatly (to put it VERY mildly). She is beside herself that Max now knows our names, and possibly more.

    She has read a sampling of his posts, and all the very recent ones, and has made me swear to stop posting to ET. She thinks I was very foolish to give out any personal information. Especially, since in her opinion, I had, what is to her, an obvious stalker on my tail. Now I don't take Max as a threat, but I do take my wife's anger as a very real and bad thing. So my decision is very easy. Actually it is no decision at all. It is just the way it has to be. No more ET for me.

    My wife is an attorney and as such, and also in her capacity of working to help write legislation against hate crimes, she has heard all the horror stories about stalkers and their obsessions. IMO, she is over reacting, but then again, "stalking laws" exist for reasons. And crimes committed by people who find their victims on the internet are also a sad reality in today's world.

    So to comply with her wishes, I have promised her that I would never again log onto ET. I am certain that I will at times take a look to see what is going on, but I will not log on. I will come to the site as a guest. (Sorry Candle, but no more voting in polls for me:( )

    I wish all here great luck and good trading. I will miss some of the members greatly. I will miss MrSub, Nitro, Hapaboy, Magna, BobCathy, Axeman, Commisso (in all his incarnations), ElCubano, AAA, Stu, Dan_M, Candle, Optional777 and his coconspirator Don Bright, Vulture, Gordon Gekko, Aphie, Bung, Alfonso, Kymer (despite our differences), Madison, Tampa, Babak and TriPack just off the top of my head. Even Max himself! There are many others. Hell, I will miss just about everyone except MSFE/Wild. Oh, and of course I have been missing Darkhorse for a long time as we all have.

    I will miss participating in this year's fantasy football league (assuming there is one).

    I greatly admire what Baron has accomplished. A fine site. While I haven't a lot of experience in what a typical internet forum is like, I recently started going to a BMW owners site to find out things about my new car that I was confused about. This site is so far superior that there is no comparison. So Baron, if you see this post.....congratulations!!! The BMW site, compared to ET, is like comparing an outhouse to Buckingham Palace!!

    But a promise is a promise. Nothing here is worth keeping my wife upset. She is truly agitated about the whole Max issue. And given his history with me, I can see where she is at least justified to have concerns. While I think she is over-reacting, I will honor her request, as always.

    Again, while I think Max is harmless, and has even been helpful to me (as in when I got a new laptop, and was clueless about some of the features), she does not feel that way. And she is going to have her way. You other guys that are married; I know you know how it is.

    It is her "baby brother" that was "Outlaw" and even though he is a huge guy, she will always worry about him as big sisters do. And she has read in too many posts about Max's seeming obsession with him too. And though no one knows exactly where Max lives (or anything else about him really), deductive reasoning tells us that he lives very close to "Outlaw" and this too makes her nervous (though I see no reason for this, but again, I am only complying with her wishes). And knowing how resourceful Max is, it is very likely he will (or at least can) find out where "Outlaw" lives (though her fear to me is irrational...Outlaw is a competitive weightlifter and as I said, a huge guy....out lifts even the "Great MrMarket" by quite a bit...420 lbs bench presses with smaller than 19" arms). Her argument is nobody is ever big enough or strong enough to protect themselves from a "Son of Sam". And that is hard to argue with.

    While I personally think Max is harmless, her belief that as a "stalker personality" the statistical chances he is not harmless, to her, warrant doing everything possible to just stay clear of him. Starting with leaving ET.

    Max, I wish you peace and good wishes too. I hope maybe you even will find some satisfaction in knowing you have chased me off. Whatever makes you happy. So make your victory post, and please forget about me when you are done with that.

    Abusive posts by Fasterpussycat have also made her nervous. Me too. She sees FPC (and I agree with her, as probably many of you do as well) as a guy that seems to enjoy instigating trouble. He has called me names, been abusive towards me (NEVER for any reason...NOT EVER!!!) and referred to my wife directly more than a few times. And to her, his language, his drunkenness, and his proselytizing of the use of steroids (when using his Longshot alias) is a clear sign of a clinical mental case; a person she is extremely nervous about. And since FPC seems to have become Max's new fan, FPC may take me on as an object of obsession. And while Max never worried me, FPC does. He seems potentially dangerous. And certainly mentally ill. Enough will obviously never be enough for FPC. Yesterday in a thread about EBAY, I mentioned a bicycle I wanted to sell. So what did FPC do? He tried to get Max to make an issue about it. Why? Only to be an instigator. No other reason. He just LOVES trouble. And I know that here, Max has to agree with me. As even Max said, "it's just a bicycle".

    Max, I implore you to respect our identities. I know you are obsessive, but I don't believe you to be dangerous or evil. But I cannot dismiss FPC as being a potential threat to my family's security and safety. And I sure as hell don't ever want to be in the position to feel I have to answer the door with a gun in my hand. Surely Max, you can see that this is a very uncomfortable situation for me and for my wife. Who would ever argue that FPC is not insane?

    So in the cause of safety, common sense, and my wife's far better judgement than my own, I wish all of you all the best and say only FAREWELL. And it's been fun and it's been great! (With an unhappy and far too dramatic ending).

  2. RS7,

    Everyone has their specific "quirks." Max401 likes to be an information hound. More power to him, but don't let it discourage you.

    I love your contributions to ET. I strongly hope that you will reconsider your decision to leave.

    Remember, you don't need to prove yourself to Max401 or any other user or person.

    How many times have I been attacked in the past on this site? There were a few times I came close to leaving but that kind of attitude will stick with you whether you're on a bulletin board or real life.

    Simply put, don't quit what you want to do and screw what other people think.

    Today it is a big deal to you, I'm sure. Tomorrow is another day. Let it ride. Take a vacation from ET but don't call it quits merely because of another user.

    I hope to see you back in the near future.


    HEY RS7 ..




    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  4. I forgot to mention that I have also been "investigated" by Max401 on other occasions. Just recently, he posted a message to my e-bay thread that simply didn't make much sense.

    There are people in this world who are personable, friendly and generally good natured and then there are people who are paranoid, obsessive / compulsive and very suspicious of the world around them.

    Just take it in stride and tell your wife everything will be fine. This is just a message board for people to discuss trading. If somebody wants to stalk and dig into other people's lives, it will eventually catch up to them -- trust me on this.
  5. nitro



    Best of luck to you in all endeavors and adventures that await you.

    One thing, you always seemed compelled to reply to the larvae. I put these cretins on ignore a long time ago. I have recently taken FPC off ignore because I think he seems to be trying to control his drinking and other drug uses. But even _if_ he said the absolutely worst thing about me, I couldn't care less! Here is a private message to me from Alice=FPC=Longshot=ROCKSOLID=Protrader1=TraderRx = at least 100 more handles:

    You give these mental midgets way more credit than they deserve. Although I do not understand your desire to defend yourself against these morons, I can see that it is important to you, and even though I do not understand it, I respect it.

  6. So why can't you play ffl? Its good that she won't let you play here anymore -- this place is lame; find a more constructive sandbox to play in...
  7. You are an idiot.



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  9. Where can I sign up for fantasy football? I wanna play too.
  10. Thanks Aphie, I will probably come back and use a different identity.

    But as you can see already, it only took a matter of minutes for FPC to display his idiocy. And insanity.

    And besides, even if my wife is making a bigger issue of this episode than I myself think is reasonable, there is always a certain degree of truth to the old cliche "better safe than sorry".

    I will see you around. And I hope your trading and everything else goes well for you. Good luck with Jasper!

    My son is now in the Navy. I haven't talked to him yet....they don't allow phone calls from boot camp, and he can't even write until tomorrow (which will be the end of his second week). When I can, I will get his email password, get another alias, and return to ET in a manner that will not make it apparent that I am who I am. I will let some of my "buddy's" who I trust know by PM.

    Be cool, and as always,

    #10     Jul 12, 2003
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