Dang....You trying to beat these guys??

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by stock777, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. Goldman Sachs broke Wall Street records on Tuesday by reporting net profits 50 per cent ahead of analysts' forecasts at $2.48bn for its first quarter.

    The results mean the investment bank made $400,000 for each of its 23,600 employees on an annualised basis, while estimated annual pay and benefits were almost $900,000 on average.
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    Goldman Sachs is one of the Wall Street firm members, it's normal beating its own analyst.:p
  3. Getting paid to lie, cheat, make "unbiased" poor stock recommendations, cold calls and so on... You wanna get paid for that?
  4. No, they want it on their portfolio so they can work for donald trump......:D
  5. That's not where they make thier money.
  6. Oh yeah? Underwriting securities, M&A, and selling funds.
    Not to mention lying cheating and so on.
    "If you want a friend on Wall St, get a dog"
    Nah... I'm not going to join that gang :cool:
  7. I love it when Smart Money takes away from Dumb Money. May GS have continued profitability and rapid growth rates.