Dang Yoku

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by forsalenyc, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. dang!

    this duo certainly brought life back into IPO mkt...........very impressive.
  2. wow...YOKU. priced at 12.80. opens at 27.00. high was 37.99? jesus...........
  3. DANG and YOKU got robbed by credit suisse and goldman, their respective underwriters. DANG was priced at $16 and YOKU at $13. Both traded well above 100% from the IPO price today, so who took the change?
  4. sjfan


    Investors?? You know the syndication desk doesn't keep the stock right?

  5. I didn't say that the syndicate keeps the stock......I said DANG YOKU got robbed by them. Both should've been priced higher, which in case both companies would've raised more money. as for the investors? whose investors got the stock at $16 and $13 respectively, and made over 100% in one day?