dang whats going on with the futures?

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  1. Down pretty heavy afterhours, -120 on the YM... but I don't remember reading anything out of the ordinary. Any clues on what's going on? Is it just reacting to the euro being at 1.23?

    On another note, is anyone else predicting an overnight reversal due to the European markets, leading to a green open tomorrow morning?
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    There could be a possible reversal, has happened many times before, but this should be interesting. If Europe doesn't rally back by the time our markets open there is going to be plenty of downside at the open. Just keep watch of SPX 1040.
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    Almost breaking 9900 on the Dow. Asian markets off 2%+

    *S&P FUT
    1053.90 -17.10 -1.59%
    *DOW FUT
    9900.00 -143.00 -1.42%
    *NAS FUT
    1785.00 -27.50 -1.51%
  4. "we sure went down with that ugly bitch" or something like that in Wall St.

    I took a hit in after hours with BP because it just looked so heavy with the bids getting whacked over and over. also closed my short with the 30yr fut option I had. Thinking that saying "a small loss is a good loss" rings true tonight. My GS short put and my BP short puts on the other hand.....damnn gonna be real bumpy tomorrow if we dont pull back on the yoke soon...
  5. Yeah, it's really weird action. -140 in the afterhours is unusual, especially after such a sharp sell off at the close.

    I still remember last week with an overnight reversal from -120 and then another reversal that day, which made me think we would bounce, but the selling has been relentless since then.

    I can't figure it out... I guess we'll see tonight when Europe opens.
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    Going to be a wild opening, just like Friday.
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    Haven't you been around long enough to know the NKs conduct saber rattling on a regular basis? Don't you understand how power is kept?

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  10. Uh...well...just to update you. Nothing personal, mind you. We are already at war with North Korea. The Korean War never ended. We are merely enjoying a cease fire. Granted its the longest cease fire in history, but a cease fire nonetheless. The war never ended.
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