Dang I got excited too quick

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Mecro, Mar 9, 2004.

  1. Mecro


    After Friday, I thought this market is getting its volume and volatility back. Ehhh, we're back to this shitty ass market.

    Slippage on NYSE is ridiculous. Most actives have really bad ranges. I see some nice downtrends but they are so damn slow and really not so great. Every 3 second someone has to pullback the stock. I love it how the specialists lets pullbacks jump on 1/10 of the size it took to make the move.
  2. "I love it how the specialists lets pullbacks jump on 1/10 of the size it took to make the move."

    Sad, but True.
  3. Mecro


    Yeah and I understand if the pullback is real and Im on the wrong side, but I see the prints and its just manipulation. Shorts are extremely hard to stay in when these 100 share pullback happen.
  4. Mecro, I noticed that one of the NYSE names that I follow all of a sudden changed their tone . . . with the specialist removing the larger offers that were overhanging the market.

    Sure enough, a buy program kicked in and the bonds got weak.
    These guys obviously are quite aware that some sort of an asset-allocator is in the market.
  5. Mecro


    If anyone got any suggestions how to trade this market, Im all ears. Trends do not work for now and ranges are too hard to capture with such slippage.
  6. fan27


    That's what I said to my girlfriend last night. She wasn't happy.:eek:
  7. Mecro


    Im sure she is happier than me. I got destroyed by slippage today.
  8. Ill probably have to take a lot of flack for this but if you were a student of Jacks you would have made out like a bandit today.
  9. I always enjoy your posts, my friend!

  10. ChrisCha


    Same here :( Only stuff that saved the day was those trades where I went against excess volat, the rest did not work for me
    (NYSE stocks)

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