Dane Cook...Funny or Not?

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Dane Cook....Funny or Not?

  1. He's hysterical

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  2. He's awful

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  1. I think he's the least funny comedian I've seen since Sinbad, yet he had his own HBO special and now he's starring in movies opposite Jessica Simpson and Jessica Alba and he's on the MLB playoff commercials.

    What's the deal with him?
  2. He is on his 14th minute of fame.
    Almost over and gone. If you blink you're gonna miss him.

    Definitely not funny, but buzz created gives movie roles, not talent anymore.

    Welcome to the world of shit marketing.
  3. hcour

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    Oh, good, it's not just me. While channel-surfing one nite I happened to land on his HBO comedy special and after watching for a few minutes I'm like, "WTF? Why is this guy becoming a star?" He was so full of himself, strutting around the stage like he was cock-of-the-walk, the only problem was HE WASN'T FUNNY. Lame, lame, lame.


    PS - Why is there both a "Longhorn" and a "Longhorns?" Are you guys dopples? Related? One of you stalking the other?
  4. JA_LDP


    his audience is high school/college kids. adults do not like him.

    i had front row seats to his sold out show here at MSU a few years ago. it was awesome. he did a lot of improv stuff that almost had me crying.

    life is difficult for a lot of comedians just starting out. he is living every up-and-coming comics' dream. i say good for him.

    oh and i don't think he's going anywhere soon. apparently he has movies coming out in 2008 and 09
  5. He's all right. Some of his stuff is lame, but he was terrific on the Denis Leary Roast on Comedy Central.
  6. hcour

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    Oh, please. Yeah, I don't "get" Dane Cook because I'm an adult. Gee, I wish I was young and hip and understood his humor.

    Bullshit. He sucks, plain and simple. His material is bland and his delivery is unimaginative. As for his success, talent has never been a requisite for fame.

  7. hcour

    hcour Guest

    Didn't see it. Granted my opinion comes from about 20 mins of his HBO routine (all I could manage to sit thru, it was soooo bad) and a couple of talk show appearances, where he also preened while being extremely unfunny.

    Anybody got any YouTube links, where he's actually funny?

  8. JA_LDP


    whoa. did i say adults don't "get" him? no. so don't "quote" it.

    in general, adults do not like him. my parents don't, everyone i work with who's 30+ years old can't stand him.

    he caters a lot of his material to the college student. 75% of his live non-televised shows are rude, crude and dedicated to the subject sex...a very popular topic among college kids. i mean...why else do you think he would tour the country going from campus to campus? why do you think dave chappelle also tours college campuses? because his biggest audience is the college student, not the 45 year old virgin. jesus. similarly, the vast majority of college students don't find ray romano funny.

    stop bitching. if you don't like him, don't buy or watch his shit. i hate sarah silverman and carlos mencia but after watching 20 minutes of their terrible shows, i don't go off about how they blow ass. i change the channel. pretty easy solution.
  9. hcour

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    stop bitching.

    Bitching? Excuse me? I'm participating in a discussion in a thread on ET. That's what tends to happen on discussion boards. We discuss. What're you, new to the internet?

    If you're too sensitive to read criticism of Dane Cook, don't read a thread entitled "Dane Cook... Funny or Not?"

  10. gaj


    i find some of his stuff funny, and some of it boring.

    he's apparently great to / with his fans, and used the internet brilliantly.

    what i don't like is that he has (apparently) stolen a bunch of his material from comedians such as louis ck. it's relatively easy to google for.
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