‘Dancing molecules’ successfully repair severe spinal cord injuries

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    ‘Dancing molecules’ successfully repair severe spinal cord injuries

    In a new study, researchers administered a single injection to tissues surrounding the spinal cords of paralyzed mice. Just four weeks later, the animals regained the ability to walk.

    The research will be published in the Nov. 12 issue of the journal Science.


    Wow. Hope this pans out, think of how many lives would be improved.
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    Hot damn, that sounds exciting. Great paper!
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    I hope they are onto something. I have a very good friend who is a quadraplegic as a result of skiing accident. He is one of those people who can always get you out of a crappy mood and just loves life. An outdoorsman to the bone, he worked for REI and lead trips for them as well as working in a store. Ridiculous athlete who could get a handle on any sport. He still is pushing hard despite where he is at. He is working with a company that gets people with his disabilities out sailing and skiing.
    I have prayed everyday that someone would figure out a repair for people in his position.
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