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  1. you were a brave warrior.
  2. A most admirable woman. Rest in Peace.
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    Indeed. She and her husband Christopher Reeve were an amazing couple. Yes, they had resources because of their fame and wealth that most folks undergoing such hardships do not have, but that doesn't diminish what they accomplished nor what they represent. Chris Reeve went from the top of the world, a world-famous movie star as well as a talented actor, to the absolute bottom of the pit of life. I can't imagine any worse medical condition that would just make me say "So long, world!" But he worked his ass off in his ongoing physical rehabilitation, just watch the videos, of him or any paraplegic. Those guys put themselves thru hell just to move a little finger. And Dana stuck by him and made his struggle her own. We should all be so lucky to have woman like that. That she passed at 44 is another tragedy, and seems especially unfair. 'Scuse me for gushing, but these guys are couple of my personal heroes.

  4. Without a doubt, Harold. Agreed. Nice post.
  5. bush prevented public funding on stem cell research. what a fuckin disgrace. ya know that ya klans are all going to hell.
  6. As tragic as it is that she died at 44 my question is what did they do before he became a parapalegic.

    Was Mr. and Mrs Reeve involved in any good causes prior to his injury or did he activism come due to the tradgedy?

    I honestly don't know but it irks me when people bestow such warm feelings on people with means when there are so many other regular John Q. Publics out there who do so much more and get no recognition at all.

    Granted, it's much easier to identify with a member of the hollywood crowd but maybe that's our problem, maybe we need to start recognizing our homegrown heroes first who truly are activists because they care rather than an activist after the fact.

    This is not a personal attack on Christopher Reeve or his wife but a commentary on who we choose as our heroes.
  7. I see your point sputdr. I'm no fan of Hollywood "look at me I matter" celebrities, trust me... but in this case, Ill make an exception. No family should go through what they have/ had to endure.
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    She gave him head!! She gave her parapalegic husband head (I heard from Howard Stern). Now thats the kind of wife every guy wants. God bless ya sweetheart, R.I.P.
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