Dan Zanger's Yearly Results?

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    Does anyone know what Dan Zanger's yearly results are? I'm curios what they are. The list of winners only on his website make me a bit skeptical. I know he has done well, but I would like to know how well and how steep his drawdowns are.
  2. "Being skeptical of anyone who posts only winners".... BRILLIANT! (Guinness commercial parody)
  3. If he posts all his trades. Why not dump them in excel? Then extrapolate all the info you want.
  4. I take his historical results as stocks which are models of the stocks he likes to trade that qualifies for canslim.

    I would be curious to see if the chatroom calls are similiar to the ones being posted on his website.

    Does anyone know of another source besides Zanger's website where one could find stocks that qualified for canslim before 1998(start of Zangers posts)?

  5. His Technical analysis newsletter outlining momentum stocks is always a great help. His recommendations on AAPL, BIDU, CF, FSLR, SOLF, SPWR and general market commentary have been great so far.
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    With close to twenty years of researching various professional stock pickers who sell their services, I have found Dan Zanger to be one of the best. He sticks to growing large cap companies with great earnings. His insight into chart patterns is very simple, consistent and successful. Just follow what he says, study the chart pattern and volume, and if you enter one of his picks- KEEP YOUR STOPS TIGHT! You might get stopped out on several of his picks and give up, saying it doesn't work, but when one of his picks get moving you can easily make anywhere from around 40% to 200% or more on your money. What's good about Zanger, is that he doesn't have you following hundreds of stocks like most other services...how would you know which one to pick when someone is telling you to choose from 300 stocks. Zanger only follows around five to eight stocks on average and many of these stocks move well because they are being purchased by large institutions and banks and not by a bunch of daytraders. As far as large drawdowns are concerned, it's almost impossible to experience if you keep your STOP LOSSES VERY TIGHT!
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    Funny how you have been around for 20 years but this is your first ever post. You must feel really strongly about Zanger..................................................
  8. :D
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    I think Zanger has a Private Hedge fund that he trades with other people's money.

    If he publish the return on his hedge fund, it would be indicative of his performance.

    I don't know the name of his hedge fund, so can't research his results.

  10. Any info on Dan Zangar's private hedge fund would be appreciated.
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